About Akui

自我定位为一名技术型管理者,在进行管理工作的同时,多年来一直保持对技术工作的热爱。自接触敏捷后,对于大型机构的敏捷转型和敏捷转型下的管理者应如何自处,多有实践和思考。 Positioned as a technical manager, I have been obssesing technical work for many years while responsible for management work. Since I knew Agile ten years ago, I have been practicing and thinking about the Agile transition of large organizations and how managers make themselves adopt the new situation under the Agile transition.

  • Now I am a Senior Manager at Software Center of Bank of China with 17 years working experience.
  • 在金融领域从事软件开发工作15年,拥有8年团队管理经验,带过70+人以上自有软件开发人员的团队,熟悉金融核心系统架构、业务分析。
  • 最近4年来从事互联网金融软件开发管理和技术研究,同时,致力于组织级敏捷开发方法的推广和实施,对大型组织的敏捷转型有实际的经验和体会。

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